By Chance

By Chance

It was intended to be a quick trip to the pediatrician for a sports physical followed by a zip through the grocery store. Instead it turned into a call to the police, a chance meeting and a spiritual divine wink.

After my daughter’s annual sports physical we headed to zip through my local Market Basket aka The Basket. Well, let me back up. My senior daughter and I share one car and as we left the house I couldn’t find Grace’s key fob. So I grabbed the spare and went out to warm up the car. New England’s January 34 degrees weather.

Afterwards, needing food and especially cream cheese we headed to The Basket. Grabbing my recyclable grocery bags, we went through the store with purpose and arrived back at the car only to find that the key portion of the key fob was gone!

After searching, I called the local police station and the officer arrived with amazingly cool apparatus to break into a vehicle. My trusted 2011 Honda has anti theft and to no avail the officer maneuvered and shifted, pushed and pulled at the automatic door lock.

Meanwhile, I was on my hands and knees in the parking lot, scouring the ground to look for the silver slice of the key because where in the world could it have gone???????  We knew it was not at the bottom of my pocket book nor in the recycle grocery bags. Nor was it in my pockets or by the way on the ground in the checkout aisle cue that we paid at.

Good thing that the anti-lock system seems impenetrable because my cell phone got left behind on the console, which never happens. What was happening? Why were we being stalled and stranded?

So I troubleshoot a plan, call an Uber to go home and come back with the other key. Grace ordered an Uber, which was “cancelled” but another Uber arrived. Tracking the progress on the app, the Uber arrival went from 20 minutes to cancelled to arriving in 3 minutes. We loaded the groceries into the little white car and off we went.

Karen the Uber driver greeted us nicely and when I said something to Grace she said, “Oh that’s such a beautiful name!”

Upon arriving home we hustled the groceries into the house. Grace arranged and paid for my return Uber ride back to The basket and I jumped back into the little white car!

“You raised your daughter well,” Karen said. I was shocked and said, “Oh thank you! That’s nice to hear. She is pretty amazing.”

We had small chit chat for miles and within our sharing she stated she lost her husband, visited her daughter and then Karen said, “I didn’t want to freak you and your daughter out. I just had a reading with a medium about my mom. I was very young (15) when she passed and I’m am having a difficult time now.”

I replied, “I’m so sorry. Losing your mom at any age is a struggle. I understand. My mom passed seven years ago and I am still struggling. And that wouldn’t have freaked us out…”

Karen went on to tell me that the main focus of her visit to the medium was hearing from her mom, which she did. Karen’s message from her mother was that she was always with her, and that to look for signs as she would be sending them, ensuring Karen she would recognize them.

We were the first ride Karen had gone on after two week of not working and the first ride since her time with the medium.

Grace was her mom’s name.

I cried.

Goosebumps! The silver key part of the key fob was on the floor of the car when I finally got in!

If the police officer was to open the car, or the cancelled Uber didn’t happen, then Karen would not have received her confirmational message.

That our loved ones are close, with us, and love is forever.

During the time that the police officer was working and shifting with the many pieces of equipment she tried using to open the Honda, I looked at her and had the strong feeling we were not supposed to be on the road. I said to her, “For some reason either you or I are not supposed to be on the road right now.”

The Officer left on a call, lights blinking and siren screaming to go to an accident.

I wonder within the universal delay what protections were given to all of us.

We are all so closely connected and intertwined.

Once again, this serendipitous encounter that should have been a quick errand showed me the ego control parts that we have, and shifting awakening to the miraculous universal workings.

Stay patient, for goodness will come and show us the way.

Practice tip: Calm anxiety!

I will admit that at one point in the above episode I had a melt down for a millisecond where I said a few bad words, and literally ran around the vehicle while doing so! My anxiety got triggered and some emotional shadow parts came up for healing.

To calm my anxiety I went to my breath. Breathing in through my nose and out my mouth. Then I grounded myself, imagining a white light going through my crown and out of my feet into the core of mother earth. And then back to the breath. There is such a thing as calm anxiety!

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