Heading off the Challenges of Mother’s Day

Challenges of Mother's Day.

Challenges of Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day dates back to 1873 when Julia Ward Howe, abolitionist and suffragette, called women and mothers to unit to promote world peace campaigning for “Mother’s Peace Day” to be celebrated on June 2nd.

Mother’s Day now is celebrated in May and might trigger more pain than peace in a some. Personally, the meaning associated with Mother’s Day has changed over the years for me. The memories of Mother’s Day seem to be a pendulum swinging back and forth between pain and peace.

I remember that the first Mother’s Day after my miscarriage was heartbreakingly unbearable. The peace that came from the first Mother’s Day with my children seemed to heal my heart some and the first Mother’s Day after my mom’s death was pure living hell.

Some might say it is just a day. A mere 24 hours. But it is the intention behind the day. Love, self-love, love of your mother, love of the earth mother and loving yourself to self-mother you in the way that is just perfect for you.

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