How You Feeling? Audio & Journal Prompt Gift

For me,  “How you doin?” brings an image of Joey on Friends! And what I have found for myself and others when asked “how you doin?” there is a knee jerk reaction of “FINE”.

Let’s stop asking How You Doin’?

Our individual and collective nervous systems have been kept running on high gear for over two years now, due to what is happening collectively but perhaps initially dealing with our day to day life.

If you have been following me for a while you know that self-quiring or self asking these two questions have been shared numerous times and within my coaching sessions the base for exploring for healing.

What do I feel? What is so helpful about these two questions but most importantly leaning into “what do I need” is that it creates balance, and shifts the compulsive parts of us away from the sub-climate and perhaps anxious part of us constantly asking: “How am I doing?”

How I am doing is not who you are, it is your perception of your current situation and moves you away from trusting yourself.

“What do I need?” shifts you from judgment to awareness and takes you to your loving core and the healing energy swoops in and shuts down that old belief ego pattern.

What do I feel is a starting point and most probably there is a feeling behind the feeling that opens you up to deep healing. You can use the feeling wheel if you get stuck…

Try this for five days and be curious and brave about your trust in you!

Let’s embrace the Falling apart moments and channel our inner  goddess so that the fire within us pours out our creative energy!

What do I need? 

It brings you back to your free choice and loving self kindness.  You always have a choice!

It’s a practice to ask, listen and then do that without self judgment.

Journal Prompt

What do I feel? Is it positive or do I feel negative about these feelings? When was the first memory of feeling this?

Listen to the audio companion here:

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