That’s Your Shine

For example sake: Have you ever been in a conversation or meeting, let’s say with a co-worker, and in the middle of the meeting, he/she starts talking about an idea/brainstorm/suggestion that came from you as if it was his/her own?

You’re listening to the “pitch” and awaiting the acknowledgement that this idea/brainstorm/suggestion is in fact from you or that this approach was a team-based discussion and brainstorm, but it never comes.

Perhaps you hold your tongue because your internal dialogue goes something like… “Well, [insert name] will never just take blatant credit for my idea?”, “[insert name] will close the loop and let everyone know this is a team approach” and finally “Wait, what just occurred?”

There might be a sense of being gaslighted and self-questioning if you are  accurate in recalling this idea/brainstorm/suggestion and you might be left feeling confused.

But you know what it boils down to?

That was your shine!

In last week’s blog I discussed the “black pants vs white cat” energy residue which leads up to “that was your shine” energy awareness and a practice of discernment.

Especially during such high stress and intense time, when faced with inter-personal relationships such as co-workers, friends, husband, wife, brother, sister, partnerships, lovers, doctors or lawyers. The simple example above shows that information presented discounting your giving of your energy and the flow being completely STOPPED before it can get back to you.

I remember in a discussion with a fertility professional that there was no acknowledgement of my knowledge of my body and it was as if what I shared regarding the experience was discounted. Fast forward again, to a legal professional, the information was questioned and not acknowledged as being of any importance, albeit accurate and important to the issue!

So what do you do when your truth is diminished? Or your SHINE extinguished?

It is important to practice awareness and discernment about your light energy, your creative energy, your shine.

Journal Prompt

Take a moment, pen to paper and ask yourself the following:

  • What boundaries are the most important to you?
  • How brave are you with your shine?
  • What will you tolerate and what won’t you tolerate?

What I have learned personally and professionally is that women are learning to strengthen their “taking up space” energy muscle. Maybe a more polite way of saying this is ADVOCACY for self especially when dealing with sovereignty of our shining light.

Discernment is knowing that we are well equipped to be met with the same vibration entering into male dominated/masculine energy arenas and the power and ownership of your personal SHINE!

Our SHINE aka light is balanced within the masculine and feminine energies that are uniquely ours.

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