Is This Yours?

I’m not a good poker player because my face will give me away all the time!  You know the old saying “you wear your heart on your sleeve”? If you look it up, my face will be right in the definition. I have heard all my childhood that I was too sensitive.

Feelings were collective for me…  like a big pot of soup. And when you’re confronted with being an empath, you struggle with sorting out what is yours to handle and interpret, and what is someone else’s.

Does this resonate with you?

You’re in the middle of your day… your sunshine-filled, all-is-great-with-the-world kind of day. Suddenly it’s as if you get hit with some dark cloud and your feelings get jumbled up? I use the analogy of the black pants vs. a white cat. Did you ever have a black pants or outfit on and interact with a cat and realize you’re covered with their white fur?

That’s how I see energy residue if you’re an empathic person. Without practicing grounding or energy hygiene you will get covered with another person’s energy or, using the analogy, their “white cat fur”. At least with white cat fur you can see it all over you!

What’s the solution?

Self questioning or self awareness! Check out the journal prompt for strategies.

Journal Prompt

If you experience a sudden shift in your emotional state that is unwarranted by some “fight or flight trigger” of your own, simply ask yourself the following questions, either in your head, out loud or through your journaling:

  • What am I feeling?
  • Is this mine? Yes or no?
  • If it is yours, go through the feeling and find out the core emotion (use the feelings chart in one of my blog posts as a reference)
  • Feel the feels!

If you determine that those feelings are the white cat fur of someone else then simply, in your mind’s eye, send it out of your four body system, or through the core of mother earth who is always available and willing to compost that unwanted energy.

Clearing energy that doesn’t serve you energetically is a powerful practice. It’s like taking an energetic lint brush and clearing away all the fuzz and stuff! Returning to your heart center with three simple breaths, in through and out your nose, centers you within your divine loving heart and then you’re good to go!

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