How To Create a Positive Environment During Infertility Treatments

Years ago when I was in the process of writing Girlfriend to Girlfriend: A Fertility Companion and was anxious about completing the book and feeling a little stuck, I had a Feng Shui consultation for our home with a woman named Carol.

With her years of practicing Feng Shui and her expertise, she immediately identified the front entry area as the place of career, and her suggestion was to place something in that area that reminded me of the book as a “work in progress”.

I placed a pen and my old journal in that area. During the day each and every time I passed through this area, seeing the pen and my old journal, I gave thanks for my book and I brought the book project into my consciousness. Focusing on the gratitude and positive energy to the book, that stuck feeling was soon replaced with movement and progress. (This took about a week, and I found myself looking for the pen and journal to acknowledge them, kinda like a greeting or a well wish to a person if they were in that area.)

Well, fast forward almost 10 years and I’m feeling a bit stuck about a new book project that I’m working on and I remember what I had done in the past and dug up my old newsletter to REBOOT it! (Reboot is my new go to word, bringing things back to the original.)

Back then, when I decided to discuss my experience with Carole in my newsletter, I called her and asked her for more insights into how these principles could benefit couples and individuals dealing with the rollercoaster of fertility treatments.

Carole first suggested locating the CHILDREN section of your home on The Three Door Ba-Gua chart. The Ba-Gua is an eight-sided diagram that is derived from the “I-Ching”, the Chinese book of Divination. Each side represents a different aspect of life.

The entire diagram is overlaid on a floor plan for a house or individual room to determine which areas need to be enhanced.

After identifying this area, add a color that energize the creativity of that area, in this case adding an object of white, such as a candle or a figure that represents parenthood. (For me the children area was the same area for the book, makes sense because it was the creativity center of my home.) Carole further suggests that from time to time to intentionally call the spirit of the child into this area.

I placed a white candle and a little doll with a white dress in that area and each time I passed through the area, just like the pen and journal, I whispered “I know your coming. I await you.” This simple affirmation kept me in faith, kept me going forward when I had doubt or confusion or sadness. What are you whispering to yourself about your current life situation? Is it loving?

Being a firm believer in the importance of positive energy, the purpose of this article is to share my positive introduction to Feng Shui. I feel strongly that subtle shifts of energy helped me to relieve my constrained feelings around our childlessness and improve my living environment.

To use the chart below (*), line up your front door with the chart and then locate your CHILDREN section of your home… for me it was easy because our front door is in the middle!

I feel that by opening myself to all different possibilities helped to create a sense of forward movement instead of the sense of being stuck.

Have a question? I’d love to gift you a 15 minute laser session to discuss your fertility intention, fertility game plan and help you with your spiritual Feng Shui.

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* Copyright 1994 – Helen and James Jay – Lifedata Systems Inc.

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