The Power of Joy


I recently attended an author lecture and was enraptured by the speaker’s passion and knowledge about the subject matter. I sat there, listening with such joy – joy in watching someone live their passion and joy in absorbing new information.

Afterward, while mingling with other attendees, the speaker approached me and, unsolicitedly, said, “You have the most pleasant face, so joyful!” I was both shocked and touched by her compliment.

I make it a habit to sprinkle compliments around like confetti, but to be honest, I don’t receive many myself. However, this gentle comment truly lifted my spirits.


Since the beginning of the year, one of my daily written affirmations has been “I am filled with joy.” I write this affirmation three times a day in my journal, and throughout the day, I repeat it to myself. 

You might ask why. Well, during my reflections on the past year and in setting intentions for this year, I engaged in some self-questioning. What do I feel? Unsettled. What do I need? More joy. Hence, the affirmation: I Am Filled With Joy.

In that unexpected exchange, it was another confirmation of the notion “so within, so without” – that my intention of being filled with joy was indeed radiating out to others. It reminded me of the Power of Joy…

I encourage you to set your intention and let your positive energy reverberate outward! We all need each other now! 

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