The Ugly Truth About Valentine’s Day

Being Gently Loving is the way through Valentine’s Day!

This past weekend, my daughter and I watched the movie “Valentine’s Day” and I have to admit I love this movie.  It’s a kind of sappy, romantic comedy that shows bits and pieces of various couples’ relationships and love-lives.  It highlights relationships from newbies in love to the tried and true relationship of Hector and Estelle.  (And an added benefit – the star-studded cast includes Aston Kutcher, Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift and more). Check out the trailer: 

I think my favorite character is publicist Kara Monahan played by Jessica Biel.  Throughout the movie, Kara is stress eating chocolate all the while organizing her annual “I Hate Valentine’s Day” party.

I think that is the ugly truth about Valentine’s Day. Secretly or out-loud some of us might actually hate it!

Talk-Walker-graphicFrom Talkwalker’s Anti Valentine’s Day 60% of women are anti Valentine’s Day and 40% of men are!

You might want to simply ignore Valentine’s Day especially if you’re facing a life crisis, the sense that the bottom is falling out of your life or a heart-breaking loss.
So should you ignore V Day or not? 
Well, you could have an “I hate Valentine’s Day” party or perhaps just shift the awareness about February 14th because at the end of the day, even this commercially hyped day, is all about love.  Right?

How’s this for an idea:  How about some group LOVE? (the clean kind!)

I propose a group intention on February 14th,  that we collectively commit that no matter what is troubling in our lives, what challenges we are facing or waiting for to be resolved, we let love IN. 
WE agree to be receptive to our birthright to be loved and receive that love and then set the intention that we’ll share our innate loving nature in our own little world with the simple act of complimenting others all day long. 

Let the no toilet paper on the holder go (that bugs me so much!). Let the person who cut you off go without a second thought. Let the fellow employee who has limited sensory awareness that irates you go and instead focus on one thing that you are able to compliment about to that person.  Even if it a stranger.  The finger(s) you raise when someone cuts you off make the peace sign instead of a swear. Just send them on their way. No harm, No foul.    

So Let’s Celebrate each others’ light with love bombing them on 2/14/16 and beyond. Regardless if you’re in a couple or not, loving begins within your own heart with kind words to yourself.  Let the loving begins! 

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