Tricky Trash Truck – Get rid of your overwhelm by dumping your trash!

Tricky Trash Truck

Tricky Trash Truck

Growing up one of my and my sister’s favorite game was called the Tricky Trash Truck.

Have you ever heard of it? Or played it?

The Tricky Trash Truck descriptions says “It picks up trash as it runs about. If it stops on your street, look out!”

So basically this cute wind-up red trash truck runs on the board game track and you have to toss little piece of trash into the dump truck before it abruptly stopped and then dumped the trash on your lawn. The trash consisted of little cups, fish bones, pans and other little plastic trash.

I remember playing with my sister and almost having a panic attack that I would be left with all the trash, the winner was the player who got rid of all their “trash” and their lawn was clear and clean.

Think about this childhood game as an analogy for adulting where you’re a “winner” when you can get rid of all your trash (literally and figuratively), a winner when you manage it all by having a practice of letting go of your trashy thoughts, trashy patterns, trashy toxic relationships, trashy beliefs and perhaps trashing as a habit of removing out of your life what no longer serves your highest and best!

The memory of the Tricky Trash Truck got triggered when I started working on a new offering entitled Out of Overwhelm. Out of Overwhelm is filled with strategies to help you throw out the “trashy” parts of your subconscious mind. Those trashy parts that can be remuneration when in overwhelm. The strategies within Out of Overwhelm can get you off the trash truck route into a daily healing practice just right for you that you create for your highest and best!

Life traumas can feel as though that tricky trash truck is continually stopping and dumping its load on your house. It’s the traumatic moment which could be betrayal, loss, grief, disappointment or depression that keep “running around”.

When you’re in overwhelm, regardless of the cause, you go into automatic survival mode, and perhaps begin to repress or deny your feelings which creates a sense of numbing out and then a big huge clog happens, like the tricky trash truck dumping the trash all over your mind, body and spirit.

I know for me when I was faced with a diagnosis of infertility I went into overwhelm.

When I was faced with a high conflict divorce I was in overwhelm.

When I began a new life I felt it again, sear overwhelm.

When I lost my mom, I was within debilitating overwhelm.

Here’s a preview of the Out of Overwhelm mini course offering coming soon.

Daily Compliment Practice: A sweet, loving compliment. Could it be that simple?

I remember beating myself up around my inability to problem-solve through the time immediately after my mom’s death. After the shock of her death, the wake and funeral it hit my mind, body and soul like a tsunami. The denial and repression of grief finally had its cork popped and the numbness took over and I was in a daze. To make this overwhelm even worst, my ex husband had me served with a contempt filing for “impeding his parenting time during the week of my mom’s wake and funeral services” so I was faced with a court appearance to defend myself.

My internal dialogue was creating more and more chaos and in order to come back to peace I began complimenting myself, well, complimenting my inner child who was dealing with adbandment, trauma, loss and abuse, with the softness and care of how you would parent a baby or child, your own or otherwise.

Daily compliment consist of the sweetness of self kindness through words that provide nurturing and reassurance.

Each and every day I would give myself one compliment. Here are some examples of my daily compliments:

  • You’re doing the best you can right now.
  • That’s right! Keep going. One day at a time. You’re doing great.
  • Be right here with your mind, body and soul. That’s it! Be right here. Just like that, hold this moment.
  • You’re so strong.
  • You’re amazing.
  • You’re kind.

I use this strategy of a daily dose of self compliment within my coaching practice and here’s what some of my clients have to say!

“I really didn’t want to do this exercise, but with Kristen’s encouragement, slowly each and every day I began to look forward to writing down my compliment. Funny thing is, I noticed I used my self compliment on others too.”

“I wanted to let you know I did my self compliments for a whole week now…. And I can feel the internal difference”. (Even though I didn’t want to do this your accountability made me move to self-love.)

Self compliment strategy ripples out from your heart chakra out to the others in your life, creating kindness and appreciation of self and your soul group!

You can decrease your overwhelm in just 7 short days by introducing the practice of daily complimenting. Try it and be aware of how your inner conversation changes your outer view.

During 14 Days of Valentines I’ll be sharing daily compliments again this year! Like and follow my Facebook page here to receive the daily compliments.

Please feel free to send me your compliments! I would love to share them on my Facebook page. Here’s to Self Compliment February!

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  1. Hi Kristen, thanks for sharing such a helpful article. Really it is very important to get rid of trashy thoughts from your mind so that you have space for good thoughts.

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