Western Women Will Save The World!

This year, I had the privilege of seeing more women become pregnant at a quicker pace.  I typically don’t speak of such things through my newsletter and instead focus on a “pregnancy free zone,” sharing tidbits of encouragement. I was struck by the shift that occurred this year.

The emotional current was still the same this year. There was the usual pattern of ups and downs, women going in and out of treatments and people experiencing the overall life-changing, earth-rattling changes in the mind, body and soul.  But there also was a speed to them.

The old was felt and released and the new arrived.  A new vision, a new sense of self and a new connection to the worthiness of creation that is necessary to manifest your life’s desire were created.

It was staggering that so many women experienced their own personal “phoenix out of the ashes” moment over the course of the last twelve months.   Back in January of 2010, the Dalai Lama stated that “western women will save the world.” At the time, he was surrounded by the movers and shakers who help the downtrodden. A buzz was created by the media. It is reported that the Dalai Lama doesn’t mince words. Divine, innate feminine power seems to be transforming both on an individual level and in the collective consciousness.

Western Women will Save the World….

For over a decade, I have had the privilege of watching women save themselves from the heartbreak of fertility challenges.  What I know now about my personal journey and that of others is that the divine purpose of these individual life- shaking events are so interconnected to the whole.  That the power and grace that these women as individuals have shared, showed and lived reverberated into the world as a ripple to the heavens and are creating an opening for creation of all kind.

We are all one; you are not alone and you are worthy of all things good and blessed.

As we celebrate the upcoming holidays lets us use the kindness and most loving language of all for ourselves. Over the course of the month, begin by stating out loud and in writing “I will no longer be affected by ‘what is not for my highest good’. It can no longer be.”

I will no longer be affected by___________________!

State it with all the energy and force of all the divine feminine behind you, knowing you are not alone because we “western women” will all save the world!!! I was reading an article about Elizabeth Smart and her upcoming memoir about her kidnapping, rape and abuse. She simply looked at the evil man who abused her and stated: “I will not be affected by you ever again.” She did not say it in anger or rage but in her divine power.  Talk about a strong powerful woman with a mission now!! God bless her.



(Originally Published on December 18, 2012)

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